Will There Be Donuts?
Are you spending most of your time in bad meetings – nearly meeting when you need to be really meeting? Well help is at hand and you can now revolutionize your business one meeting at a time with business expert David Pearl at www.willtherebedonuts.com 

Inside 80 – Is it really possible to perform at your best all of the time?
And if you do what will be the effects on your relationships, your health and your life overtime…With demands on our time and resources increasing we need to start looking at ways of working smarter not harder. Using expert business knowledge and elite behavioural methodology, Inside80 teach you about your physical profile and help you use it, life a professional athlete, to build to key moment in your business year and still have energy for your home and social life.
If you would like a ‘sneak peak’ at your natural body pace and see what Inside80 is all about you can try their free indicator on

Disappearing Dining Club
Whether its in a basement, a loft, converted take-aways, warehouse, clothes shops or launderette – Disappearing Dining Club take unusual, reclaimed and surprising venues that most guests will not have seen before and turn them into your very own private restaurant for the night www.disappearingdiningclub.co.​uk

Ed Percival – The Secrets of the World’s Most Powerful Presenters – Barack Obama
Regardless of your political sway, none of us can deny that Barack Obama is one of most powerful presenters of our time. Many have said that his public speaking skills are crucial to his success. Indeed research shows this skill alone will trigger other people’s decisions to regard him automatically as a great leader – an expert in whatever he does someone to trust and follow. This can also be true for you.
Download this free audio book on http://www.leadingworks.com/​reg-newsletter.htm and listen to Ed Percival, as he explores the secrets of Barack’s presentations, by looking at the patterns of communication and behaviour behind Obama’s success and giving you the roadmap for taking on these skills.

Gerd Leonard – The Future’s Agency 
Our world is speeding up beyond our control. So how do we keep up? Gerd Leonard is a leading futurist and strategic advisor who helps you discover, imagine and create the future. His cutting edge ideas help businesses identify, wire-frame and co-create new opportunities, manage disruptive developments or radical change and respond to the urgent need for much quicker innovation. To download Gerd’s free eBooks go to http://www.mediafuturist.com/​ebooks/

Global Angels
Global Angels are a International sustainable charity of the future, championing the causes of disadvantaged children and their communities around the world. Their aim is to facilitate and support the global movement working to make the world a safer, fairer, kinder and healthier place for ALL.
They have vast network of “Angels” – from all ages and cultures, uniting together through donations, skills and resources, transforming the world we live in and creating pathways to a sustainable planet. Every penny they receive from public donations goes directly to the projects they partner with on the ground; providing water, food, education, homes, medical care and resources to transform lives. To find out more go to http://www.globalangels.org

Dr John Briffa
Your body is not just something that carries your brain from meeting to meeting! Dr Briffa is a naturally orientated medical doctor who gives you the honest and practical advice to overcome everyday ailments, enhance energy and bring a great sense of wellbeing. Making you fit for business.
To receive a free copy of Dr Briffa’s eBook Natural Solutions to Common Ailments please go to http://www.drbriffa.com/​newsletter/